How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

Although a colonoscopy probably isn’t a test you are excited about, it is one that can protect your health and help prevent colon cancer. Everyone needs this test starting at age 50, although certain groups of people may need to start testing a few years earlier. When it is time to take a colonoscopy in mt pleasant, use the following tips to prepare for the medical procedure. This information helps you get ready for the big day with less worry.

1- Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor is the best source of information about the test and what you can expect. He’ll provide useful tips and information on the day you schedule the appointment. You’ll likely receive a call from the nurse the day before the test to provide helpful advice. Ask our doctor questions and get answers that you can trust.

2- Prepare the Day Prior to the Test

Take it easy the day before the test. Arrange for someone to go with you to the colonoscopy. Driving home probably won’t be your favorite activity after this test. Purchase food and supplies that you’ll need after the test to aid in your comfort and recovery.

3- Change Your Diet

Eating a high fiber diet the week before a colonoscopy can lessen the potential pain that it causes. Besides, a high fiber diet is good for your body, so you cannot go wrong! Skinless vegetables, skinless fruit, eggs, lean meat, and fish are also acceptable food items.

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4- Purge Your Body

Your doctor will instruct you to avoid eating the day prior to the appointment. You’ll also be instructed to use a laxative supplement to clear out the bowel system for the test.  Split dosing is the most common way a doctor has his patient purge.